Clean and Airy Space to
Stay Safe in COVID 19

Where Luxury

Meets Fitness


Our purpose is to inspire transformation, unleash limitless potential and reimagine the standard of excellence through all aspects of your wellness, both physically and mentally.


In 2020 the human race experienced a catastrophic event that we would never want to live through again. Due to this experience humans around the world were forced to awaken and come to the realization that health must be the top priority in life. This resulted in Project TRNSFRM coming to life. We decided to create a wellness movement where people can come together and work on their greatest projects, themselves.


Cleanliness, sanitation, and overall health is very important to us. Preventing the spreading of viruses and bacteria is a priority at our facility. We are equipped with Hospital Grade HEPPA Filters, UV Lights, and Charcoal Air Filters. The usage of towels and the wiping down of equipment after being used will be required for all members. Our staff will also be required to sanitize regularly.


Inovation + Motivation = Results

At Project Trnsfrm we understand how vital it is to have a community of like-minded individuals who share the same characteristics conducive to achieving goals in all aspects of life. We are seeking those members that want to be part of a special journey together. Through our members commitment and our dedicated staff, we can assure a successful transformation journey.

Together we


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