Project TRNSFRM isn’t your average gym… it’s a holistic wellness movement. Our mission is to equip you with every resource imaginable to achieve your fitness aspirations. Picture a pristine, dynamic, and invigorating space that you’ll proudly claim as your fitness haven. Unlike other fitness clubs, we won’t lock you in; instead, you’ll choose to stay because we genuinely care. It’s all about feeling the support, or if it’s not your fit, you’re free to explore elsewhere.


In the year 2020, a significant global event reshaped our lives in ways we’d rather not relive. It underscored the importance of prioritizing our well-being, a lesson we took to heart. This led to the birth of Project TRNSFRM, a place dedicated to renewal and personal growth.

In the wake of this collective realization, people from all corners of the world came together with a shared goal: to become the best versions of themselves. This gave rise to a wellness movement, inviting individuals to join us on a journey of self-discovery and improvement.

Within our carefully designed environment, you’ll find the perfect setting for your physical and mental transformation. But it’s not just about the surroundings; it’s about the people who guide you. Our team of health experts is committed to your personal growth, not just offering guidance but also fostering enlightenment. Together, we create a tailored roadmap for each member, addressing their unique needs. The result? A longer, healthier life, an improved appearance, and a newfound love for life itself.

The Time
Is Now!

In the grand scope of life, caring for your health today is like planting seeds for a healthier tomorrow. We believe in this vision and have created a space where health isn’t an afterthought, but a core principle. This is a place for individuals who see transformation as a personal commitment, something woven into the very fabric of their existence.

In our pursuit of this mission, we prioritize quality over quantity. Our memberships ensure an exclusive experience, where commitment shines brightly. Here, your journey is not a solo adventure; it’s a shared journey among like-minded individuals dedicated to self-improvement. Our purposeful membership restrictions provide an intimate setting, with great attention to detail, much like a bespoke tailor’s shop. It’s a high performance training center where the ordinary fades into the background, allowing the extraordinary to thrive. 


The gym



At Project TRNSFRM, we offer a diverse range of training options tailored to your preferences and goals. Our Personal Training sessions are designed for those seeking a one-on-one, highly personalized experience, guided by our certified coaches. For those who prefer a more social fitness journey, our Semi-Private Personal Training allows you to train with 2-4 like-minded individuals, making workouts not only effective but also enjoyable. If you thrive in a group setting, our Group Training sessions, featuring groups of 5 or more, provide not only the benefits of camaraderie but also dedicated coaching support with one coach per every 6 participants. With an energetic atmosphere that keeps your motivation levels soaring, our training options cater to every fitness enthusiast.

Yes, we do! Our club has bathrooms and lockers.

Project TRNSFRM does not offer basketball courts or swimming pools.

While there isn’t a specific age limit, Project TRNSFRM adheres to state laws regarding age requirements and restrictions.

We offer WiFi, and Project TRNSFRM clients have access to a dedicated WiFi network.