1-on-1 Training

At Project Trnsfrm, we specialize in crafting individualized programs rooted in time-tested principles and methodologies. These meticulously designed regimens are not merely about superficial changes, but rather a comprehensive approach to elevate your well-being, enhance your appearance, and extend your vitality. Through the fusion of thoroughly researched nutritional protocols and cutting-edge coaching methods, scientifically validated and expertly tailored to address your physical, mental, and medical aspirations, we pave the path to your holistic growth.

Our Transformation Sessions, ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, are thoughtfully created to  integrate into your daily routine, harmonizing with your busy life. At the helm of our team, you’ll find an assembly of accomplished coaches, each holding respected credentials and a shared commitment to unearthing the potential within every individual. It’s this steadfast dedication that propels us to not just meet but to surpass your ambitions, and provide the most profound changes that you can envision.

Elevate Your Training: A Systematic and Progressive Approach

Building a house requires a systematic and progressive approach, beginning with a strong foundation to ensure stability and solidity. The same principle applies to exercise – your body needs a solid fitness foundation before diving into an intense training regimen. We understand the importance of this process. When you work with our professional coaches, you can be confident that you'll build your body properly, step by step. This not only greatly decreases the risk of injury but also minimizes frustration stemming from incorrect exercise execution. We ensure you learn and perform exercises correctly, paving the way for a safer, more effective fitness journey.

Stay Committed: Embrace Accountability

Accountability is the catalyst for shifting your mindset towards unwavering commitment, a necessity when conquering the challenges that come with embarking on a fitness journey. Research underscores the power of accountability - when you share your goals with a friend, your chances of success rise to 65%. However, committing to meet a professional, like a Trnsfrm Coach in person skyrockets this figure to a remarkable 95%. Regarding accountability, the initial step is setting a fitness goal. Our dedicated Trnsfrmation Coaches will be your guiding compass, assisting you in formulating SMART goals—ones that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. This crucial step is the cornerstone of your journey towards transformation. Ready to delve deeper?

Document Your PROGRESS

Unlocking your fitness potential hinges on one critical factor: tracking your progress over time. At our facility, our dedicated Transformation Coaches are your partners in documenting every facet of your journey. We firmly believe that continuous monitoring and precise assessment, coupled with our expert guidance, form the cornerstone of your path to lasting improvement. Don't just dream of progress; achieve it with us by your side.
  • 90MIN


The session concludes with your coach giving you the VIP treatment by providing assisted stretching and muscle recovery so you're ready to go next time. While doing so you will be educated on how to stretch and use our recovery equipment on your own. This will give you confidence to explore & enjoy the recovery room that comes with your packages.

1-on-1 Training

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