TLAA – Train Like An Athlete

Our TLAA Classes includes a mix of everything from running to strength training to Recovery. This workout program was designed to provide you with the tools you need to react to any situation. If you’re actually playing a sport, just carrying some groceries or trying to dodge tourists in Times Square, you’ll get equipped with the power and agility skills you need to trample any challenge, plus the strength to conquer whatever life throws your way.
4-14 People
25$/mo – 3 workouts
45 min
Mon, Wed, Fri

Designed with You in Mind

TLAA was design to fit your fitness level. Our coaches will be right there to modify any exercise making it more challenging, as well as easier if needed. You will be able to measure progression, whether that’s by counting reps or an increase in weight. It caters to anyone — regardless of athletic ability.​

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